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What's NEW in Photo Vision, Video Vision and Stages 2023

Not only the name is new, but also many of the inner and outer values. Attractive upgrade deals for users of older versions can be found in the AquaSoft customer area.

New mask effect "Static mask"

Apply a mask to videos and photos with just one click. Conveniently change the mask image from a gallery or choose your own.

  • New object "Static mask" for videos and photos
  • Easy application by dragging and dropping from the toolbox onto a video or image
  • Over 100 new masks (usable in the new mask effect or image effects)

Modern design

The user interface has become much more modern.

  • A total of 8 different designs available - four in elegant blue tone and four neutral gray designs
  • User interface completely redesigned for more clarity and better readability due to adjusted contrasts
  • Use of modern fonts

Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and OpenFX plugin

If you use other programs for video editing, you can now create animations with AquaSoft Vision and directly include them in other applications - without waiting, conversion or quality loss. For example, you can create a title animation or lower third in Vision and use it with transparency and in high quality in other applications. If you modify your Vision project, the changes will be immediately visible in the other program.

Use Vision projects within Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Including transparencies
  • High precision (up to 32 bit color depth per channel)
  • Custom import resolution
  • Sound is also imported
Verwendung in Adobe Premiere Pro und anderem mit OpenFX

Optimized timeline

  • Crisp display in each of the three timeline styles
  • Distinct colors in the timeline ensure good distinction of the elements
  • Improved drag and drop from toolbox and file browser

New extension packages available

Vision and Stages extend their capabilities which are used by the three new extension packages:

3D - your photos in a new dimension

With AquaSoft Vision and Stages, your animations will reach a new level. You can arrange and animate photos, videos and graphics in all three dimensions.

  • Create parallax effects that add a sense of wonder and excitement to your presentation. from Video Vision
  • The new effect "3D Cube" can show 6 photos at the same time and animate them as a rotating cube.
  • Create a virtual photo wall with the new "3D Strip" effect.
  • 3D scene object featuring real 3D editor allows for animation of photos, videos and texts in space, including proper depth sorting and transparencies. AquaSoft Stages

Super smooth movements with Motion Blur

Razor sharp or naturally smooth - decide whether animations and camera pans appear with motion blur or hyper-realistic. No more moiré effects on zooms and pans across detailed or complex shapes. from Video Vision

  • Export entire projects with motion blur
  • Moiré effects during zooms are a thing of the past
  • Even when panning, individual images or videos blend into each other so smoothly that the viewer's eye can fully engage with the actual content
  • You determine the strength of the Motion Blur yourself.
  • Can be deactivated specifically for individual elements AquaSoft Stages

Adjust and change colors - for photos and videos

Camera model or lighting conditions are different, skin tones look unnatural, a cinematic look is missing? Color grading can change the color tones of a photo or video. This creates a completely new visual impression.

  • Easily apply color effects to a single or multiple objects at once via live effect.
  • 15 ready-made styles are included.
  • Load other color tables into the LUT effect (images, cube files, ICC profiles) from Video Vision
  • Create your own variants with the integrated editor AquaSoft Stages

Layout effect - fits together perfectly

Arrange your images and videos together with the new Layout effect. Create dynamic photo galleries and collages with fixed or automatically created arrangements, where images can also swap places.

  • Several photos or even videos combine to form one unified impression.
  • Layouts can be nested within each other as desired.
  • Directed and random arrangement
  • Bestimmen Sie Ränder, Innenabstand, Zeilen, Spalten und Animaion
  • Die automatische Bildertausch-Funktion ist ein Hingucker!
  • Adjust margins, inner spacing, rows, columns and animation
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3D scene and 3D editor AquaSoft Stages

With the 3D scene object you enter the world of 3D animation. Everything within the 3D scene can be edited and animated in 3D using the integrated 3D editor. You can also use nested 3D scenes to create hierarchical animations. The 3D scene object not only brings the tools, but takes care of the correct depth masking of all elements during rendering.

  • 3D Scene Object
  • 3D editor
  • hierarchical animations with nested 3D scene objects
  • correct depth handling incl. transparencies in 3D space

The Toolbox - your well organized helper

Get the components you need for your project much faster - that's the goal of the reorganized Toolbox. Find what you are looking for quickly with the optimized search. Your most used tools are always at hand.

  • The visualization of categories and sub-categories in the toolbox has been improved.
  • Photos that have already been used in the current project are now marked in the image browser.
  • Bookmark favorites with the star icon
  • Keep track of everything: Decorations, backgrounds, effects, and more can be searched and displayed by keywords in the Toolbox. Tags (also for your own custom templates) and better categorization (for backgrounds and Intelligent Templates, among others) ensure that you find what you need.
  • Categorization for Intelligent Templates

In the fast lane

Discover the improved timeline and benefit from an easier start

Full control with the background track

The innovative background track above the Timeline makes the overall context of your current position and changes visible. Scale the height of the background track directly within the timeline. Preview your project in its entirety at any time and navigate reliably through your presentation. Stringent calculation and display of "stuck" objects gives you optimized project control and helps you to avoid mistakes.

Project start with chapter tracks

You can now start your next project with multiple tracks. Whether you use them for photos, videos, music, sounds, or text objects remains entirely up to your preferred working method. In the program settings, you specify whether you want to start with chapter tracks and, if so, with how many.

Persistent tracks

Chapters and Flexi-Collages now support your design preferences with persistent tracks. This way, empty tracks can be created and retained permanently if required. As a result, you gain a better overview and more freedom within your extensive projects. In addition, any elements in the timeline can now be switched to invisible without disappearing from view.

Know what's happening with the live preview

With the live preview that can be activated in the Layout Designer, you can view specific sections in action - controlled by the playhead. Simply select the section you want to view in the timeline and move the playhead across it. Use this functionality to view individual chapters, to check used effects more quickly, or to navigate precisely to the scenes you're looking for during video editing.

New backgrounds, decorative elements, emojis, transitions and templates

AquaSoft Vision and Stages are the perfect tools for those who like to take creativity into their own hands. With numerous new backgrounds, templates and decorative elements, you will bring your design ideas to another level.

New Intelligent Templates: "Circle", "Diamonds", "Ken-Burns", "Picture-in-Picture" and "Simple" ensure that even if you are a beginner or have little time, you will get great results.

New backgrounds
  • 22 new backgrounds in 4K resolution
  • More than 400 new decorative designs covering sports, food and drink, animals and plants. Customize the color to your liking.
  • Add emojis to your pictures to brighten them up. 95 colorful emojis are included.
  • 15 new transitions with lines and echoes
  • Blend option "Echo" available for "shapes" and "image-based" transitions from Video Vision
  • Adjust duration of fade-ins and fade-outs directy in the "Object settings"

News on keyframes and curves

Time- and point-accurate animations can be easily realized with the new features for keyframe tracks AquaSoft Stages, transparency graph, and curve editor.

  • The new curve types Jump and Bézier create sudden shifts or elegant animations.
  • Bézier handles can be used to control time curves even more finely.
  • Switch intuitively between "Smooth", "Hard", "Jump" and "Bézier" with a double-click on a mark
  • All keyframe marks can be easily removed by right-clicking on them.
  • Generate curves for animations automatically, the curve generator now also works with "Jump" marks and is more precise than ever before.
  • Move keyframe marks while holding down the Alt key to keep the time gap to the following keyframe. AquaSoft Stages
  • Curve generator for sawtooth and square curves now use jump points for higher precision with fewer marks.
  • Curve generator for sawtooth: curve can be generated mirrored (ascending instead of descending movement)

More color and image effects

More color and image effects

In addition to many new image effects in the Toolbox, you'll also find the new dynamic rectangle shape that lets you design countless color backgrounds and lower thirds yourself.

  • 61 new image effects in the toolbox (51 gradients, two frames, seven masks and one color effect)
  • New dynamic shape "Color gradient" with any number of colors in the gradient types "Linear", "Bi-Linear", "Spiral" and "Circle"
  • Custom image effect can be applied and edited on tile graphic from live effect "Texture tiles" from Video Vision
  • Save image with applied effects from image editor from Video Vision
  • BitmapFX effect: gradient with any number of colors, with various shapes: Linear, Bi-Linear, Conical, Circular, Spiral from Video Vision

More export options

More export options

Get the most out of your project: stills, collages, teasers, and individual video parts from long shows.

  • Single frame export at the playhead position via right click
  • Partial export of individual project sections via time input in the video wizard
  • Export WebM videos and frame sequences with transparency AquaSoft Stages
  • Video output from playhead position AquaSoft Stages
  • Video generation between split playhead AquaSoft Stages
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Balance sound and music masterfully

Balance sound and music masterfully

Music, sound recordings, sound effects - hitting the right note makes a big difference in your project.

  • Equalize the sound with the "Decibels normalized (dB!)" setting. Sound tracks from different sources get the same volume level.
  • Switch between volume units in the object's properties.
  • M4A file support

Animated routes and maps reimagined

Which way is it? Your itinerary spreads out on a map and delights your audience, especially with the new map styles.

  • 6 new map styles - "Light" and "Dark" in Photo Vision, "Outdoors" and " Street modern" from Video Vision, plus "Street map (DE)" and "Street map (ENG)" AquaSoft Stages.
  • Style selection now with preview in the map assistant
  • Proper drawing of travel route lines even at very sharp angles
  • Draw smoother routes and curves with Bézier handles
  • Customize vehicle and route graphics with your own image effects.

What else is new?

  • Paste images directly from the Windows clipboard: To quickly insert screenshots without having to save them first, or for a fast sharing with your image editor, you can paste image data from the clipboard directly into your project
  • Support of videos with transparency
  • Color management: Color profiles embedded in images are now respected
  • Own aspect ratio for Flexi-Collage workspace supported
  • Gallery areas in object properties with variable heights
  • Consistent labeling in Toolbox and Timeline (Mask effect, Simple path, Decorated path)
  • In addition to the project settings, the program settings can now also be reset to default values
  • Quality levels "Excellent" and "Very Best" render effects and transitions with 64-bit precision
  • Playback of HDR videos has been added
  • HEIC/HEIF file support
  • Output wizard modernized
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System requirements for Photo Vision, Video Vision and Stages 2023

  • Operating systems: Windows 11 and 10 with 64-bit
  • Processor: Multi-core processor recommended
  • Graphics card: at least 1GB graphics memory, DirectX 9c
  • RAM: 4 GB