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Your style, your videos, your pictures: enjoy the liberty to be yourself and create videos with AquaSoft SpotOn.

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Create your video and upload it directly

Videos are one of the most popular ways to connect with others. Get started with AquaSoft SpotOn. Add pictures, cut videos, create effects and animations and give your video an intro and credits.

Your possibilities are endless, this is only a small part of many different applications for your videos.

Why choose AquaSoft SpotOn?

There are many software programs that are similar to each other. AquaSoft SpotOn is different. Especially when you want to combine different elements, AquaSoft SpotOn reveals its strengths for you.

  • Getting started is easy and with time you will find out how much depth AquaSoft SpotOn can offer you.
  • Our support is free and second to none.
  • You can freely design and express your own style. AquaSoft SpotOn gives you a lot of space for your creative ideas.
  • Every social network has its own requirements. Did you create a 16:9 video and now you need a 1:1 video? No problem, with AquaSoft SpotOn you are very flexible. You can change the aspect ratio at any time and export the perfect video.

Easy start into versatile functions

AquaSoft SpotOn is packed with helpful tools that you will get to know and appreciate as you progress. You'll get results quickly because you can start right away with the things you enjoy. If you want to go further, AquaSoft SpotOn's Toolbox has a lot more to offer.

Unbeatable support and free training material

We have been in the market with photo and video software for more then 20 years. Our in-house support team is there for you and will help you with any problems. Fast, competent and reliable? For us those are not only promises, we live them. Take advantage of the many guides, tips and tutorial videos we have already created.

Frame your video

AquaSoft SpotOn gives you a lot of freedom. Create your own story with your photos, videos and sounds.

Use what you like

Work with your colors, fonts and designs. AquaSoft SpotOn is your hero if you like it individually.

Share your video

No matter if YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp: AquaSoft SpotOn knows the right video rendering settings.

Start now - it's free!

Your style - your video

There always seems to be the one style that is just so hip that everyone uses it. But your taste, your story and your video are something that you have created. And that should be noticeable. AquaSoft SpotOn lets you decide which colors, fonts and effects you want to use for your video. This is who you are and your video carries your signature.

Fitting aspect ratios and settings built in

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube have their own special requirements for videos. You don't have to know them all, AquaSoft SpotOn already has all the necessary requirements included. You choose where you want to publish your video, AquaSoft SpotOn knows the right settings. And if you want to create a video for more than one aspect ratio, you can always change it and adjust the content.

Your design, your videos and AquaSoft SpotOn - building your own video channel has never been easier.

Many of our customers are more than satisfied and have rated us accordingly.

"I don't know anything better and can therefore only recommend it to everyone. I love the instructional videos on Youtube, which encourage you to follow them. Also your support is excellent. I once described a problem by email on a Sunday and got a feedback with the solution on the same day. I had not expected this. This is just outstanding. Thank you very much for your great products and your great service. Keep up the good work." from Wolf Lieb

Start producing videos in your own style

Work with AquaSoft SpotOn to create creative videos that you can share in your social networks.

Export for YouTube, Facebook and more

Edit videos

Arrange videos, photos, text and sounds in an unlimited number of tracks

Fantastic support, always free

Many tutorial videos and materials to get you started immediately

Not like the others :)

Start now - it's free!

Frequently asked questions

AquaSoft SpotOn is based on SlideShow 11, while SlideShow for YouTube is based on version 9. A lot has improved since then. You can now use more memory thanks to 64-bit technology and lots of new effects have been added. You can also include all the expansion packages (that are compatible with SlideShow 11) and create beautiful, high-quality videos for any occasion.

Any InApp purchases you have made with SlideShow for YouTube will be included in your installation of AquaSoft SpotOn.

Yes, AquaSoft SpotOn allows you to use all extension packages available for AquaSoft Stages and SlideShow up to version 11.

Video resolution is limited to 720p, but you can unlock Full HD resolution with an InApp purchase.

AquaSoft Video Vision is the successor of AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate. With Video Vision you have even more possibilities. There are far more effects and customization options, making your work more comfortable and productive. Export is also more extensive, with the ability to create videos in 4K resolution.

You can configure your own user interface and use even more tools. AquaSoft SpotOn is freeware and therefore an ideal starting point to enter the world of video creation with AquaSoft.