A whole year full of
unique memories

An unforgettable gift for yourself or your family.
Create wonderful calendars and share your
most beautiful moments with YouDesign Calendar.

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Design individual birthday calendars

Forget no birthday and congratulate in time.
Create a unique calendar based upon
your creativity and ideas with YouDesign Calendar.

Buy now for $47 Test it for FREE for 30 days

Wonderful memories

Create an individual calendar and remember all year round what really counts: Your family, your wedding and your pets.

Design presents

Get creative! Use your photos and add text. Add the finishing touches to your photo calendar with unique effects.

Choice of print shop

The choice is yours: print when and where you want. It's up to you which printing service you choose for your photo calendar.

Output as PDF

Save your calendar as a PDF file. This output format is supported by many printing companies. You can also send your photo project as an e-mail in advance.

Save money

You can save a lot of money by choosing your own print shop. You can choose the right company or simply print your own calendar.

Dates and events

Whether kitchen calendar, wall calendar or family planner: With an individually designed calendar, scheduling is twice as much fun.

Become a calendar designer

Become a designer and create your calendar according to your ideas. Impress family and friends with beautiful gifts.

Free support

We provide fast and competent help with all your requests. Contact our support directly! In addition, you will regularly receive tips, tricks and inspirations.

Independent Software

Free yourself from the ties between design program and printing company. Benefit from our many years of software experience, made in Germany.

YouDesign Calendar in 3 steps


Select format and period

Add photos and design your calendar

Add photos and design your calendar


Export printable PDF

What's NEW in YouDesign Calendar 6?

YouDesign Calendar 6 makes it easier than ever to create your very own Fotokalender. With our Fotokalender software you are not tied to one company or print shop. You decide where to print and thus have much more freedom than with other services. This not only affects the costs of printing, but also the paper, print run, quality and other fine details, where you are completely independent.

Color Management

YouDesign Calendar 6 respects embedded color profiles when loading your images, so that they are always displayed correctly. If the printing company needs a specific color profile, you simply select it during PDF export. YouDesign Calendar 6 will do the rest.

Color management


Layouts help you to arrange the images in a Fotokalender. A total of 390 layouts are available for different page formats. Especially if you want to place several images on one page, the layouts offer you creative arrangements that will quickly produce impressive results.


New decorative elements and templates

Animals, flowers, splotches, arrows and much more - over 400 new decorative elements and templates have been added in version 6.

Decorative elements and templates

Archive project

You can now archive your projects in YouDesign Calendar 6. All files used for a project are exported to a folder. This allows you to transfer your projects to another computer or simply back them up so that you can edit them later at any time.


HEIF format support

What is HEIF? It is a flexible container format for images which can contain many different kinds of information. Apple also calls it HEIC. If you are using an operating system with HEIF support, YouDesign Calendar 6 can also handle it.

HEIF format support

Scheduling that motivates

With the YouDesign Calendar software, you take your planning into your own hands. Organize and enjoy your most beautiful moments with an individually designed photo calendar.

Test it for FREE for 30 days

Feature overview

Add photos

Favourite photos can be stored in the personal image tray. If you have already used the images, a small checkmark will appear. This way you have all the information you need for your photo calender.

Design with elements

Your calendar will be something truly unique! Use Emojis and other elements for better clarity. Instead of the word "soccer training" you can simply set a small graphic on the date.

Use backgrounds graphics

Single color, gradients, stripes, and more - you have a wide choice of backgrounds. Matching background designs provide even more clarity on your wall calendar.

Use a template

If you don't have much time or don't want to start from scratch you can choose from a wide range of beautiful templates. Just select a template, start and end date and the program creates the calendar for you. You only need to fill it with your photos.

Magical image effects

Add exciting borders and effects to your photos. Highlight your best memories once again. You like the aesthetics of Polaroid photos? We've got you covered.

Use text styles

Choose the right fonts and styles for your photo calendar. In addition, you can add your favorite quotes directly to the family planner.

Customize calendars

Create your own calendar using the wide range of templates! Whether it's a daily, weekly or monthly calendar, YouDesign Calendar can do it all.

Celebrating events

Birthday, sports and holidays - simply set periodic dates. You can import your own appointment lists, create new ones and also export them.

YouDesign Calendar 6

Create a unique and personal gift using your own ideas and creativity. Your most beautiful moments will be captured in a photo calendar and remain visible throughout the year. Each page can be individually designed according to your wishes.

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Inspirations and tips

We want to help. Numerous explanations and first-class support are always there for you.

Create and print photo calendars

The YouDesign Calendar software is exactly the right tool for individually designed photo calendars. As a software developer with a lot of experience - we are creating software since 1999 - we are exactly the right link between you and your print shop. Thanks to our many years of expertise, you will receive a flexible software with which you can design your own calendar. Rely on our experience and try YouDesign Calendar free of charge for 30 days.

Would you like to have your lovingly designed photo calendar printed for a favourable price? You want to export your photo calendar as a PDF? No problem for YouDesign Calendar! Where printing companies see the design program only as a means to an end and where you have no control over the final product, we offer you maximum flexibility. Save your photo calendar as PDF, JPG or PNG and send your result comfortably through a web upload or by e-mail. Many print shops work with these popular formats - you can therefore select the vendor of your choice and have your calendar printed with the best quality for the best price. It is your choice, whether you go to the copy shop around the corner, print at home or use an online print shop.

Design birthday calendars and wall calendars yourself

Create your own personal wall calendar. With YouDesign Calendar you get a software to create great photo presents for your family. Give your creativity free rein and design your own individual photo calendar to keep your memories of beautiful moments and great vacation trips. With YouDesign Calendar you have unlimited freedom realising your ideas. Use the calendar templates and let yourself be inspired by numerous examples. You will have even more creative freedom if you arrange your photos,images and texts freely on the page layout. You can also place your photos in the foreground and do without a calendar. A perpetual calendar created in this way brings several years of joy and color to your walls.

Regardless if wall calendar, desk calendar or birthday calendar - with YouDesign Calendar you will become a Pro. Go big with your wall calendar and use formats from DIN A3 or even larger. Romantic sunsets, panoramas or nature shots from your last holiday trip look particularly beautiful with large formats. With such a lovingly designed gift you not only make yourself happy, but also others.

Create your own family calendar and scheduler

Maintain an overview with a family calendar or an appointment calendar. This way you won't forget the birthday of your grandparents or your children's school performance. Also regularly recurring doctor's appointments, sports courses or game evenings can be conveniently recorded. You can use appointment lists to import already saved birthdays and use them for several calendars. With beautiful photos and backgrounds, you can design your own appointment planner and make it into something truly special. It's up to you: Use the templates as an inspiration or start with a completely blank page. With YouDesign Calendar you get a software package that supports you in your creative design.

Every family is different - so your calendar should be the perfect match for you and your loved ones. Who could best design the matching kitchen calendar? You yourself of course! Create as many columns as you need and decorate your kitchen calendar with your own photos. In this way your family calendar will be filled with your wonderful memories.

System requirements

  • Supported operating systems: macOS version 10.14 (Mojave) and above, Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7, both 32- and 64-bit system are supported
  • CPU: 2GHz, multi-core CPU recommended
  • System memory (RAM): 4GB