Treasure your memories
with your own personal photo book

Marriage, the birth of your children or great holidays,
use your photos and create truly unique and
wonderful memories with YouDesign Photo Book.

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Celebrate the school enrollment
or birthday in a photo book

A great gift for yourself or the grandparents.
Share important moments with friends and family.
YouDesign Photo Book is right tool for you.

Buy now for $47 Test it for FREE for 30 days

A photo book for the wedding,
the best day of your life

Experience once again the highlights and best
moments from this wonderful day. With YouDesign Photo Book
you create a memory that stays.

Buy now for $47 Test it for FREE for 30 days

Unforgettable memories

Experiences can be sent quickly via mobile phone and forgotten just as fast. Capture holidays, birthdays and your wedding in a book.

Design stunning presents

Now is the time to get creative! Select the photos and add texts. With funny effects you will surprise everyone with your book.

Free choice of print shop

The choice is yours! Have your photo book printed when and where you want. You decide which company you prefer.

Output as PDF

Save your photo book as a PDF file. This output format is compatible with commercial printers and can be easily sent to others for a quick review.

Save money

When it comes to large quantities, you can really save money. You can choose the supplier and find the perfect price offer for your book.

Enjoy your time

YouDesign Photo Book offers quick and easy handling. You can look forward to great photo books and enjoy shared reading moments.

Become a book designer

Now begins your time as a creator! Realize your individual ideas perfectly and and inspire friends and family with great photo books.

Free support

We provide fast and competent help with all your requests. Contact our support directly! In addition, you will regularly receive tips, tricks and inspirations.

Independent Software

Free yourself from the ties between design program and printing company. Benefit from our many years of software experience, made in Germany.

YouDesign Photo Book in 3 steps


Select format and book type

__('Fotos einfügen und Fotobuch gestalten')

Add photos and design your photo book


Export printable PDF

What's NEW in YouDesign Photo Book 6?

YouDesign Photo Book 6 makes it easier than ever to create your very own Fotobücher. With our Fotobuch software you are not tied to one company or print shop. You decide where to print and thus have much more freedom than with other services. This not only affects the costs of printing, but also the paper, print run, quality and other fine details, where you are completely independent.

Color Management

YouDesign Photo Book 6 respects embedded color profiles when loading your images, so that they are always displayed correctly. If the printing company needs a specific color profile, you simply select it during PDF export. YouDesign Photo Book 6 will do the rest.

Color management


Layouts help you to arrange the images in a Fotobuch. A total of 390 layouts are available for different page formats. Especially if you want to place several images on one page, the layouts offer you creative arrangements that will quickly produce impressive results.


New decorative elements and templates

Animals, flowers, splotches, arrows and much more - over 400 new decorative elements and templates have been added in version 6.

Decorative elements and templates

Archive project

You can now archive your projects in YouDesign Photo Book 6. All files used for a project are exported to a folder. This allows you to transfer your projects to another computer or simply back them up so that you can edit them later at any time.


HEIF format support

What is HEIF? It is a flexible container format for images which can contain many different kinds of information. Apple also calls it HEIC. If you are using an operating system with HEIF support, YouDesign Photo Book 6 can also handle it.

HEIF format support

Split double pages for layflat books

In traditional photo books, double pages are separated. As a result, content that lies within the fold is often not clearly visible.

With layflat photo books, the pages are completely flat, the paper is usually thicker and the double pages are not split in the middle. This makes large photos that extend over two pages look especially good.


Enjoy your memories

Create your photo book with YouDesign Photo Book. Enjoy your favorite moments as many times as you like.

Test it for FREE for 30 days

Feature overview

Add photos

Favourite photos can be stored in the personal image tray. If you have already used the images, a small checkmark will appear. This way you have all the information you need for your photo book.

Design with elements

Give your photo book the finishing touches. You used to put stickers in your photo album, now there are even more great elements to work with. The new Emoji construction kit is especially exciting.

Use backgrounds graphics

Single color, gradients, stripes, and more - you have a wide choice of backgrounds. Small adjustments to the background designs ensure that your photos take the center stage.

Use a template

If you don't have much time or don't want to start from scratch you can choose from a wide range of beautiful templates. You determine the number and size of the images. The layout for each page remains firmly in your hand.

Magical image effects

Add exciting borders and effects to your photos. Highlight your best memories once again. You like the aesthetics of Polaroid photos? We've got you covered.

Use text styles

Choose the right fonts and styles for your photo calendar. Witty stories and exciting adventures - tell the story of your photos.

YouDesign Photo Book

For yourself or as a personal gift. Create your own personal photo book and capture your most important memories. You decide for yourself where and how you want to print and so have the full control of all costs.

Test it for FREE for 30 days
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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Inspirations and tips

We want to help. Numerous explanations and first-class support are always there for you.

Output photo book as a PDF file

Would you like to export a photo book as a PDF? Would you like to create a photo book and print it yourself? With YouDesign Photo Book you have the perfect solution for your needs. We have been developing software since 1999. This results in a powerful and flexible software, created with all our competence of many years. Where with other printing companies the design program is only a means to an end, here you get a fully-fledged solution with full freedom! Rely on high-quality software that is maintained with a lot of experience. In addition, with AquaSoft you have a partner who will help you with any questions or problems.

You decide where you want your photo book printed! With YouDesign Photo Book you can print your photo book yourself or at a printing company of your choice. If you would like to send your photo book by e-mail, export it as a PDF file. YouDesign Photo Book gives you maximum flexibility. What you invest in the software, you get back later multiple times. The bottom line is that you save more than you would with a company that offers free software which is tied to a print shop. Save now in the long run with each individual book, and especially with bigger quantities.

Create a photo book and print it yourself

Create your own personal photo book. With YouDesign you get a photo book software where you can print yourself. It offers near limitless possibilities to design your own photo book. Get creative and design individual memories of your wedding or last holiday. You can arrange your photos, pictures and texts completely freely in the page layout. In addition, YouDesign Photo Book offers many templates for individual pages and even for full books. Be inspired by the many template designs. Be a designer and create your own personal photo book and print it yourself. You can test YouDesign Photo Book free of charge for 30 days.

Your photo book can be printed with different properties. Decide which paper type, thickness and gloss properties you want in your print shop. Go your own way or follow the standard. With the YouDesign Photo Book software you are not tied to a printing company and can also print your own photo book. At home, in a copy shop next door or at an online printshop - you remain flexible in your decision.

Create your own photo book

Need some inspiration for your photo book? Here are some free tips:

With YouDesign Photo Book you have an excellent photo book software for self-printing. But what do you put in the photo book? How about surprising your friend with an individual gift? With a personal photo book you can enjoy the most beautiful memories of your journey together or from a vacation at any time.

Especially with children, time flies by! Share your baby's happiness with all your relatives. With photo books you can capture the cute baby photos of your children. A homemade photo book is a great joy for the whole family.

How about a photo book of your wedding? For yourself or as a gift for your guests: enjoy the most beautiful moments of your special day.

System requirements

  • Supported operating systems: macOS version 10.14 (Mojave) and above, Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7, both 32- and 64-bit system are supported
  • CPU: 2GHz, multi-core CPU recommended
  • System memory (RAM): 4GB