AquaSoft Stages 10
More than the sum of sound and sight:
Surprise your audience with thrilling videos.

Single elements of sound, photos, and video are converted to cinematic experiences.

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The right tools are at your fingertips

Behind every image is a story, a message that you want to deliver impressively to your audience. Develop your idea, build the framework of your movie, and reach your goal with the tools in AquaSoft Stages.

AquaSoft Stages - Program interface

Let your inner control freak run wild! Effects, sound, images/video, and animations are displayed on separate keyframes in the timeline. This allows you to control, second-precise, exactly how each element in your movie should move, sound, or look.

Live Preview

As you make changes to your project, adding movement, particles, or other effects, the result will be shown immediately in the layout designer.
Allowing you to see just how every effect has changed your project/images without needing to constantly playback.


In Stages können Sie Ihre Bilder, Videos und Texte um 360° drehen. Das sieht besonders gut zusammen mit animierten Kamerafahrten aus, um Prezzi-artige Shows zu kreieren oder Texte zu drehen, damit sich Ihre Videos von der Masse abheben.

Synchronisieren Sie Ihre Audiodaten

Mit Hilfe von Tools wie dem Playhead und den Timeline-Markern können Sie ganz einfach den Ton mit Ihren Bildern synchronisieren. Der Playhead gibt Ihnen eine Frame-by-Frame-Ansicht von Ihren Bildern und Videos, während die Sie mit den Timeline-Markern Änderungen in der Tonspur markieren, womit Sie z.B.Crescendos genau im richtigen Moment erreichen.

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Profound and complex animations

You are the playwright, screenwriter, and director of your film project. You have an eye for detail and precision is important. Sound and pictures should flow together, so that in the end only your movie is in focus. With AquaSoft Stages you can realize your vision.

The most important features

Choose from many effects and templates or create your own animations. In AquaSoft Stages there are virtually unlimited design possibilities for your presentations and movies.

Video editing

Cut videos, pictures, and sounds directly in the timeline.

Time lapse and Slow motion

Create a time lapse or slow motion movie.

Particle effect

Create impressive particle animations with dynamic parameters.

Motion paths

Animate any element and move it across the screen.

Animated Itineraries

Share your travel route with maps, tracks, and vehicles within a few clicks.


Control the flow of your presentation automatically or with our remote app

Rotated Camera Pan

Finally, you can zoom with a 360 degree rotation in only one step.

Maximum quality output

Export your video to DVD, Blu-ray, Social Media, or in 4K quality.

Built-in effects

For quick work take advantage of built-in templates and effects.

Let your creativity shine

Whatever you imagine: you will find a way to create it with AquaSoft Stages.
From ready-made templates to completely self-created works, everything is possible.

  • Idea

    You have an idea that you'd like to share.

  • Concept

    You know how and with which tools you can reach your goal.

  • Implementation

    You create your movie or presentation in AquaSoft Stages

  • Finish

    Allow your audience to plunge into your world and garner the enthusiasm.

Color-based image exemption (Chroma Key)

More commonly known as "green screen", in Stages you can replace a single colored background from photos and videos with virtual backgrounds, animated backdrops, or even transport your subjects to an island in the sun. Simply highlight the background color, eliminate it, and add the background of your choice, whether another video or still image.

Color-based image exemption (Chroma Key)
Stages 10 - Mosiac effect
AquaSoft SlideShow 10
Stages 10 - Animated itinerary
Stages 10

Inspiration and Guidance

Tutorials and examples make learning easy and inspire new and creative approaches.

  • We regularly update our YouTube channel with new tutorials
  • Common questions and troubleshooting are available on our FAQ
  • The software comes with many sample presentations that you can customize
  • Free templates to inspire new design ideas
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System requirements for SlideShow and Stages 10

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported
  • Processor: 2 GHz, multi-core processor recommended
  • Graphics card: Min. 256 MB memory, DirectX 9c
  • RAM: 2 GB