FREE user manuals and online help

Here you can access all of the user manuals for current and previous AquaSoft products.
There is also a helpful online manual that is searchable as well as a downloadable PDF version to print out.

Online help:

Within the online help, information is conveniently represented in the form of a tree consisting of folders and documents similar to Windows explorer. You can easily search the entire database for your topic and it can also be accessed from within the program under "Help".


Want a printed version of the manual? It’s very simple, just right click on "PDF", then click "Save link as" and select a location to save your file. Once you've saved it you can re-open the file and then click on the printer icon in the top menu bar.

User manuals for the latest software versions

AquaSoft Stages 2024Online helpPDF
Photo Vision 2024 /
Video Vision 2024
Online helpPDF
AquaSoft Stages 2023Online helpPDF
Photo Vision 2023 /
Video Vision 2023
Online helpPDF
AquaSoft Stages 13Online helpPDF
Photo Vision 13 /
Video Vision 13
Online helpPDF
AquaSoft Stages 12Online helpPDF
Photo Vision 12 /
Video Vision 12
Online helpPDF
AquaSoft Stages 11Online helpPDF
DiaShow 11 / SpotOn 11Online helpPDF
YouDesign Photo Book 6Online helpPDF
YouDesign Calendar 6Online helpPDF

User manuals for older software versions

AquaSoft Stages 10Online helpPDF
SlideShow 10Online helpPDF
AquaSoft Stages 9Online helpPDF
SlideShow 9Online helpPDF
SlideShow 8Online helpPDF
SlideShow 7Online helpPDF
SlideShow 6Online helpPDF
SlideShow XP 5PDF
SlideShow XP 4PDF
ScreenShow 4Online helpPDF
ScreenShow 3PDF
ScreenShow 2PDF
Barbecue 3PDF
DiaShow-Manager 9Online helpPDF
SlideShow-Manager 8PDF
SlideShow-Manager 7PDF
SlideShow-Manager 2-6PDF
PhotoCalendar 3Online helpPDF
PhotoCalendar 2PDF
PhotoCalendar 1PDF
PhotoAlbum 3Online helpPDF
PhotoAlbum 1PDF
PhotoFlash 2PDF