AquaSoft ScreenShow 4

Your photos & videos as a screen show.

With AquaSoft ScreenShow 4 you can create your own screen savers with impressive transitions and background music.

The most appealing way to show original photos.

Feature Highlights:

  • Three easy steps to your personal screen saver
  • All the animation functionality of AquaSoft SlideShow 7
  • Use for your own PC or for distribution

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Your slideshows as screen savers

People have always been fascinated by animated pictures. With AquaSoft ScreenShow you can create your own photo screen savers, complete with impressive transitions, and background music; all with just a few mouse clicks. You can use the screen savers on your own PC or distribute them, e.g. via email.

It's as easy as:

Add images -> Enter a title -> Create the screen saver


Plugin for AquaSoft SlideShow 7 Premium

AquaSoft ScreenShow comes in two variations. On the one side it is a stand-alone program, on the other it is a plug-in for AquaSoft ® SlideShow 7 Premium*. Both variants are part of your ScreenShow package. This way you can create your screen savers directly from AquaSoft ® SlideShow 7 and utilize all of the animation functions, let several pictures fly at once, animate text, play sound effects, etc.

* AquaSoft ® SlideShow 7 Ultimate and Blue Net already contain ScreenShow 4.


ScreenShow 4 Features

SlideShow functions
  • Slideshows with transitions, movement paths*, and camera pans*
  • Captions for your photos
  • Use EXIF- and IPTC-data for image captions
  • Background music - all common formats are supported
  • AquaSoft ScreenShow 4 can load slideshows, that were created with AquaSoft ® SlideShow up to version 7, incl. all animations
  • ScreenShow 4 works as a stand-alone program or as a plug-in for AquaSoft ® SlideShow 7
* with imported slideshows, that were created with AquaSoft ® SlideShow 7 Premium, Ultimate or Blue Net



Screen saver functions

  • The screen saver restarts the show at the same position where it stopped. This way you don't always have to watch the show from the beginning.
  • Randomization of image order
  • Replay with or without sound
  • Settings can be adjusted at any time

Distributing screen savers

  • Distribution of screen savers - only a single SCR-file needs to be copied.
  • Hassle free installation of the newly created screen savers
  • ZIP-function - to keep the download of the screen saver small
  • To be used on your own PC or to be sent by email


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