AquaSoft SlideShow and Stages 10
Discover new features

New video editing tools and a redesigned user interface are immediately noticeable. Here you can find out about all of the optimization and new features that are in Version 10, and why it's worthwhile to upgrade.

Video editing

Cut, rearrange, adjust the tempo, and edit your movies with handy new tools.

Customizable interface

Easily rearrange your workspace and tools to suit your workflow.

Faster with 64 bit

Multiple simultaneous images, huge panoramas, and action packed HD videos are all processed within seconds.

A new dimension of possibilities

Uncover the new 3D Rotation tool, text effects, and Video Editor.

I think I have made a good choice to go with Aquasoft, I was looking at Wings and Mobjects and the Netherlands program defect as well. Looks like this company is actively upgrading and developing new things. Plus it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

Bernie D.via e-mail

What's new in SlideShow and Stages 10?

Professional video editing

Cut, rearrange, and edit your movies with new, comfortable tools.

Time lapse and slow motion

Create a time lapse or slow motion movie.

3D Rotation

Move objects in three-dimensional space

Adjustable Blur

You decide the blur intensity and combine it with other effects.

Rotated Camera Pan

Finally, you can zoom with a 360 degree rotation in only one step.

Image data

Automatically add a picture date, author, location, and other information.

Precise color selection

With the eyedropper tool, you can choose a color from your photos and use for text, shapes, and backgrounds.

New user interface

With 4 themes to choose from your eyes can relax and concentrate on the essentials.

More control in the layout designer

Better editing is now possible with mouse scrolling capabilities

Faster with 64 bit

With 64 bit technology you can access more system resources, so you can work more efficiently, even with very large files.


Subtitles in various languages make your movies more accessible for a variety of viewers.

Timeline with new features

Now you can view your videos frame-by-frame and easily navigate using the play head.

Create shapes

There are lots of new shapes to choose from and you can always adjust them, make cool color combinations, or add your own.


With the green screen feature you can insert yourself into almost any scene or background (only available in Stages)

New text effects

You can now use popular image effects on text elements. Use pre-made effects or create your own.

Video editing with SlideShow 10 and Stages

Video editing: professional quality made easy with SlideShow

Take your videos into post-production: the frame-by-frame view allows for precise cuts, ensuring that you capture the essence of your videos.

Accelerate your recordings for fast rides or slow them down to give special moments more time. Edit your videos in SlideShow with the use of color, mask, and lighting effects to create stunning visual experiences. The hardware accelerated decoding works in the background to ensure smooth playback even at 4K resolution.

  • NEW! Video editing tools directly in the Timeline
  • NEW! Adjustable speed (time lapse/slow motion)
  • NEW! Frame-by-frame view for videos
  • NEW! Hardware accelerated video decoding

Share every milestone, personalize every memory

Whether it’s a wedding, newborn, travel adventure, or other occasion: you’re using your camera to capture the memories. With SlideShow and Stages you can share the experience and relive the life’s important moments with family and friends.

Zoom with momentum

Rotate and pan in one swift movement, adding three dimensional life to your projects.
Being able to rotate while panning opens a new world of possibilities for using zooms and the Ken Burns effect.

A theme for every mood

You can choose the user-interface that matches your creative mood. In all three versions of the program-Premium, Ultimate, and Stages - you can choose between different themes, all with modern, clearly understandable icons. You can also adjust the color of the icons to suit your taste.
You can use the built-in program views - timeline, storyboard, or image list - or create your own with freely placeable toolbars and panels. This allows you to rearrange all elements to best suit your needs.


Available in all editions

Medium Light

Available in all editions

Medium Dark

Only available in Stages 10


Only available in Stages 10

“I am looking for the right software for creating 4K slideshows. I downloaded the demo version of AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate, as well as three of your competitors. So far, AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate has been my favorite.”
- Hauke V. via E-Mail

Life’s a blur, blur the lines

Get caught up in a blur of color, create soft backgrounds, or highlight areas in your photos and videos.
It’s effortless to adjust the blur strength to suit your needs.

It’s a global world- subtitles make it more accessible

Subtitles allow us to understand and experience a variety of genres; they help us to cross cultural barriers. In both SlideShow and Stages 10 you can customize subtitles in a variety of different languages.During playback the audience can select their language of choice, opening up your YouTube videos to a whole new international audience.

Untertitel in DiaShow und Stages 10

Start your journey with SlideShow 10

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