Light and optics - extension package for SlideShow and Stages

Let your pictures shine and astonish your viewers: With SlideShow or Stages and the extension package "Light and optics" your photos and videos will glow like they were bathed in light. Use photorealistic effects such as "Lens Flare" to emphasize particular moods in your footage. Place bokeh effects, monochrome or multicolored lighting effects on your images or videos simply by using drag and drop and adjust the effects to fit your motifs.

Please also have a look at the other examples: Lens Flare, Bokeh blur, Kaleidoscope

Included features

Inhalt des Erweiterungspaketes
  • 6 dynamic particle-light effects:
    Bokeh at the border, Bokeh, Directed light, Bloom effect, Disco, Gleam
  • 4 Live effects for photos and videos
    Bokeh blur (e.g. for tilt shift effect), Bloom effect, Colored areas (four variants with graphics, gradients, particles, flashing), Neon
  • 6 Object effects & animations
    Lens Flare (with 5 different lens reflections), Light wall, Magnifier, Kaleidoscope, Disco ball, Searchlight
  • 2 particle animations
    Sparks and Sparks along a path
  • LED Live effect
    for images and text
  • 34 static lighting effects for photos
  • One sample project:
    Demonstrates the effects included in the package

"Lens Flare" effect

With the "Lens Flare"-effect you can create animated aperture spots and thus give your photos an additional dimension. No matter where the light source is located on your photo motif: with the possibility to place the Lens Flare freely and additionally animate your photo or video with camera pans and zoom, you achieve a realistic effect. Simply drag the "Lens Flare" effect onto an image and in the effect settings select

  • from five different lens styles
  • the magnification level
  • the reflection origin via X/Y coordinates

In the Layout designer, you can also adjust the movement path of the flare and its duration individually to your motif.

Bokeh blur effect

The Bokeh blur effect creates atmospheric images with depth of field. This blur works like the depth of field in a good lens. Lights become circular and therefore look very realistic. With freely placeable masks, the strength of the blur can be adjusted as required. This allows certain areas of the image to be excluded from or highlighted by this effect. Depending on the image motif, you can use this Live effect to create a miniature effect ("Tilt-Shift") - entirely without an image editing software.

Adjust the effect to your wishes

  • Change radius and strength of the bokeh
  • Animate masks with a motion path
  • Combine or invert masks

Lighting effects for your photos - easier than ever

Impressive lighting effects for your photos and videos without complex image editing or special tools. All effects are easy to use and can be combined freely. Use AquaSoft Stages to additionally modify the effects via keyframe tracks. With the extension package "Light & optics" you set highlights in your classic slide show, create surprising light ray animations and brilliant special effects for your videos.

That's how it works:

Buy extension package

Step 1: Buy the extension package.

Step 2: Start current version of SlideShow or Stages.

Use the new elements

Step 3: Use the new effects and animations for your shows.

The perfect solution for creating videos and presentations

Our new extension system works with SlideShow and Stages. Please make sure to install the latest updates available.

Frequently asked questions

After you have purchased the extension package, there will be additional elements in your software like new backgrounds, decoration elements, sounds, intelligent template or even new effects. All elements that belong to an extension package fit together visually. If you bought an extension package once, you will always be able to use it. You can also combine elements from different extension packages.

SlideShow or Stages with version 11 or higher are required to use this extensions.

You don't need to install the extension manually. After you have bought it, it is automatically connected to your customer account. When you start your software it automatically checks for new extension packages and downloads those - the only requirement is that you have an active internet connection.

When you are buying the extension package make sure to enter the same e-mail address you have used when you have bought or registered SlideShow / Stages. This must be the same email address as the one used when you purchased or registered SlideShow or Stages. If you use different e-mail adresses, the extension package will not know to wich software it should connect. Please contact our Support-Team, we can help you to connect your software with the extension.

Each extension package requires a lot of work from our development and design teams. We want to make sure, that everything works perfectly so that you don't have to bother with technical details or design issues and get the best possible experience. All design elements were created by us, you will find them at no other place. Everything is shaped to fit perfectly with SlideShow and Stages.