Create your own maps

Become the cartographer of your journey. With countries and continents you bring your destination into focus. In the extension package "En route 2" you will find individual country contours as well as entire continents and define textures, shadows and colors. Use the "Texture tiles" effect and the 16 new texture templates in combination with a camera pan to create endless variations of backgrounds for your favorite memories.

If you prefer to use our popular Map Wizard for your itinerary animations, you'll find five new map styles to use in your travel slideshow. Show traditional maps in Vintage, Western or Explorer style. Alternatively, use the modern "Digital" or the comic-like "Warm Tones" styles. Fittingly, there are 15 additional "Decorated Path" styles to show where and how your journey went.

Included features

  • 5 map styles for the Map Wizard
    Vintage, Digital, Discoverer, Warm tones (city map), Western street map
  • 6 animated captions
    Unfurling banners and banderoles
  • 6 animated decorations
    compass, globe, marker, passport, postmark, trolley case
  • 85 decoration elements
    including famous landmarks
  • 94 country and continent contours
    Contours can be provided with additional textures (also your own), which can also be colored
  • 16 textures for the "Texture tiles" effect
    (SlideShow Ultimate and Stages)
  • 15 additional path styles for decorated paths
  • 4 image effects (masks)
  • One Intelligent template
    Adjustable color scheme
  • One color palette
  • One sample project

Discover the world over and over again

With the five new map styles, you'll always have the right background for your route animation. First, use the location search in the Map Wizard to locate your destination. Then switch map styles to decide which map design best suits your flight itinerary, boat trip, hike, photo city walk, or trip across city, state, and country borders. Depending on the map style you set the focus on nature, places or traffic routes - detailed or simplified. Each map can also be colorized with image effects or illustrated with decorative elements.

After selecting your map, use one or more route animations to show your itinerary. Choose from path types, such as arrows, dash lines, or patterns. Combine them with vehicles of all kinds, such as cars, bicycles, ships and trains (additional vehicles can be found in the extension package "En route 1").

The fastest trip on earth

With the Intelligent template " En route 2" you can share your adventures in no time at all. Fill the template with your most beautiful photos and videos. Intro and credits have also not been left out. Simply provide the details of your trip, such as destination and travel time - everything will be fully animated during playback. Add captions to your vacation photos to give the viewer some interesting insights. For more text, add Text objects - your vacation memories will then pop up as pretty postcards.

Easily change the color scheme for the background, the background patterns, the other decoration elements and the light by using the color picker. So every slideshow trip will be different and ever exciting.

That's how it works:

Buy extension package

Step 1: Buy the extension package.

Step 2: Start SlideShow or Stages - from version 11.

Use the new elements

Step 3: Use the new effects and animations for your shows.

The perfect solution for creating videos and presentations

Our new extension system works with SlideShow and Stages. Please make sure to install the latest updates available.

Frequently asked questions

After you have purchased the extension package, there will be additional elements in your software like new backgrounds, decoration elements, sounds, intelligent template or even new effects. All elements that belong to an extension package fit together visually. If you bought an extension package once, you will always be able to use it. You can also combine elements from different extension packages.

SlideShow or Stages with version 11 or higher are required to use this extensions.

You don't need to install the extension manually. After you have bought it, it is automatically connected to your customer account. When you start your software it automatically checks for new extension packages and downloads those - the only requirement is that you have an active internet connection.

When you are buying the extension package make sure to enter the same e-mail address you have used when you have bought or registered SlideShow / Stages. This must be the same email address as the one used when you purchased or registered SlideShow or Stages. If you use different e-mail adresses, the extension package will not know to wich software it should connect. Please contact our Support-Team, we can help you to connect your software with the extension.

Each extension package requires a lot of work from our development and design teams. We want to make sure, that everything works perfectly so that you don't have to bother with technical details or design issues and get the best possible experience. All design elements were created by us, you will find them at no other place. Everything is shaped to fit perfectly with SlideShow and Stages.