YouDesign Set "Wedding" - extension for YouDesign apps

YouDesign Set "Wedding"

This is where you find everything you need for individually designed wedding gifts. Create a wedding countdown calendar for the days leading up to the big event. You can always remember the special celebration with a wedding photo book. Show important moments in the couple's life from their first meeting right up to their engagement. Decorate your creations with rings, ribbons, a wedding cake and festive champagne glasses.

Included features

  • 2 backgrounds
  • 44 decorations - e.g. white pigeons, wedding rings, bridal shoes and various hearts
  • A book template for YouDesign Photo Book
  • A calendar template for YouDesign Calendar

Wedding book for the most beautiful day of your life

A wedding photo book can be a nice memory for yourself or a wonderful wedding gift for your guests. Afterwards you can enjoy the most emotional moments for years to come. But there is more than just the actual wedding ceremony: in a wedding book you can tell a number of stories about the lovers. Particularly touching and often funny is the history of the couple's getting to know each other and the times before the wedding. Has the couple known each other since childhood? Design a retrospective for the "golden" years of the anniversary. A wedding photo book is the perfect gift for this occasion.

Wedding countdown calendar

The wedding is getting closer and closer: create an individual wedding calendar. The excitement is even greater than before Christmas - look forward to every passing day. With a photo calendar you can enjoy the last 30 days until the wedding together as a couple. You can easily integrate important milestones in the preparation via date lists. Add the bride and groom's most precious moments together to a calendar and decorate the pictures with the graphics from this YouDesign Set.

That's how it works:

Buy YouDesign Set

Step 1: Purchase YouDesign Set.

Step 2: Launch the most recent version of your YouDesign software.

Use the new elements

Schritt 3: Use the new graphics and templates.

Software für Ihre Fotobücher

With AquaSoft YouDesign Photo Book and YouDesign Sets you can quickly and easily create professional looking photo books for yourself or as a present.

Software for photo calendars

Use the YouDesign Sets together with AquaSoft YouDesign Calendar or Calendar Pro to create your own personal photo calendar.

Frequently asked questions

A YouDesign Set contains various additional elements that can be used in your YouDesign software after purchase. All components of a YouDesign Set are are based on a common theme or visual style. Once you have purchased a YouDesign Set, you can use it as often as you want. The contents of different Sets can also be used simultaneously in one project.

YouDesign Photo Book or YouDesign Calendar in the most current version is required to use the Sets.

A YouDesign Set is not installed manually. Es ist nach dem Kauf automatisch mit Ihrem Kunden-Konto verknüpft. When you are connected to the Internet, your YouDesign software automatically detects that you have purchased a Set, downloads it and makes it available for you in the program.

When purchasing a YouDesign Set, you need to provide your e-mail address. This must match the e-mail address that was used when you purchased or registered the respective main program (e.g. YouDesign Calendar or Photo Book). If you use different e-mail adresses, the extension package will not know to wich software it should connect. In such a case, please contact our support team so that the Sets can be transferred to your existing customer account.

The design elements are customized for the associated applications. YouDesign Sets contain effects and features that can only work in the respective programs. Therefore they work exclusively for AquaSoft YouDesign Photo Book, Photo Book Pro, Calendar and Calendar Pro.