What makes SlideShow Easy unique?

Displaying photos one after another can be done by many apps, but what distinguishes SlideShow Easy from them? The intelligent theme templates, the ease of use, and the large number of export options make our slideshow maker so special. With AquaSoft SlideShow Easy, you will have a professional level software for slideshow novices. A few intuitive steps will help you achieve your goal of creating perfect slideshows. SlideShow Easy is fully touch capable, so you can control the whole program with just your fingers. But of course a mouse and keyboard are fully supported as well.

Fast, flexible, and creative

Not only are there intelligent theme templates for every occasion, but they also react to your needs. Control the speed of your show so that it matches the theme and music. Select photos as favorites, and they will be presented longer and with their own animations. Or, zoom in on the section of the image you want to highlight. Several themes will display design elements and transitions randomly so you'll never have a boring slideshow. Change the color of a photo and text backgrounds to give your shows a new feeling.

Easy to operate - also with touch

Using SlideShow Easy is extremely easy, your fingers are enough - on a tablet or touch computer with Microsoft Windows. For non-touch capable devices, you can of course use a mouse and keyboard without limitations.

The clear structure of SlideShow Easy allows for ease of use. On the left side you select templates and images, on the right side you arrange them. SlideShow Easy does the rest for you. With the live preview, you can see the result immediately and the slider lets you jump to the position that you want to see in your show.

Import photos and videos comfortably

You can add your photos and videos very easily with the integrated file browser with zoom functionality. Just click on the appropriate tab and select the photos and videos you'd like to import - you don't need to switch between programs or Windows Explorer. To import multiple photos at once, just select them with the mouse or touch gesture and drag them to your show. SlideShow Easy supports nearly all image and video formats and can display them without conversion.

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Arrange your music

A slideshow needs music in order to be really impressive. Just drag your songs from the file browser to the music area, which shows each track with its wave curve. You can easily change the song order by dragging songs to the desired position. If you add videos with sound to your slideshow, the volume of the background music will automatically be lowered while the video is playing.

Add text

As with images and sound, text descriptions make a good slideshow. Your viewers better understand what's going on if you comment on the events in your photos. In SlideShow Easy, you only have to provide the text content - the software applies the right font type, position, and an impressive animation or a nice background.

Transform your photos to stories

Your photos are part of a story, and with SlideShow Easy you will be able to share that story. The intelligent templates provide intros, main parts, and outros like in every good Hollywood movie. You just need to add images, videos, text, and sounds. The templates provide camera pans, zooms, backgrounds, and much more that will transform your stories into great movies. Just lie back and reminisce about your adventures.

Present your slideshow everywhere

Do you want to give away your slideshow as a present on Blu-ray or DVD? The clearly structured Export Wizard helps you create a DVD, Blu-ray disc, or exports your show with all the usual video formats. This is kind not only to your wallet but also to the environment. Smart export profiles help you to export your show for use on tablets, smartphones, HD TVs, projectors, Blu-ray, and other media players.

Just as easy, you can publish your slideshows to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo - SlideShow Easy automatically uploads your shows if you tell it to.

Try it FREE for 30 days

System requirements for AquaSoft SlideShow Easy

  • Supported operating systems - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 - 32- and 64-bit systems are supported
  • CPU - 2 GHz, (multi-core CPUs recommended)
  • Graphics card - DirectX 9.0c, at least 128 MB memory
  • System memory (RAM) - 2 GB
  • CD/DVD/BD-Writer - optional