AquaSoft PhotoAlbum 3

Design your own photo album - distinct and customized.

AquaSoft PhotoAlbum lets you design and print your own photo book, using your vacation, family, or event photos.

The most appealing way to present personal photos.

Feature highlights:

  • Only three steps to your own photo book
  • Diverse templates - freely customizable
  • Including integrated Desktop-Album

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3 steps to a complete photo album

Add images. Pick your favorite photos for your photo album.

Select a template. Specify the style of your photo book.

Create the photo album. Select the output type: print yourself, create a PDF file, or install your photo book directly as a Desktop-Album on your screen.

You define the design

Beautiful templates. AquaSoft PhotoAlbum already comes with many pre-designed templates. You're also welcome to freely redesign the more than 150 templates to your heart's desire. Custom background colors, custom details, you can personalize all elements.

Great effects. With our powerful effect system you can boost the layout of your photo album. Collages, frames, backgrounds, or the smiley generator put your pictures in the limelight.

Present your photos

Here is where your photo albums are born

Wallpapers on your screen. With the integrated Desktop-Album you can relive memories of your vacations at your desk. It's not just simply one photo after the other, but photos that are professionally embedded into interesting environments.

PDF file for distribution or storage. You can look at your photo album, print it, and reopen it at any time by using Adobe-Reader. This formatting ensures that everyone can easily print your photo album.

Distribution as EXE file. Create a complete Desktop-Album for distribution as a simple EXE file. Then you can conveniently send your photo album as email attachment.

In 3 steps to your photo book

Pasting photos was easy. Creating photo books is even easier. And this is how you can now create your own photo book with AquaSoft PhotoAlbum:

Step 1: add and sort images

1. Adding images

Pick your favorite photos for your photo album

In AquaSoft PhotoAlbum 3 you can easily add your photos via the "Plus" symbol, or you can drag photos into the Storyboard. A well-arranged preview allows you to sort, separate into chapters, and add captions to your photos.

2. Selecting a template

You define the style of your photo book

Select a style from more than 150 pre-designed templates. With the help of template themes like birthday, wedding, and vacation you can effortlessly design your photo book entirely to your heart's desire. A powerful effect system gives the photo book a boost with collages, frames, or backgrounds. In addition, you can assign captions, author, descriptions, a cover and back page, and much more. Simply save your work and you're done creating your own cool photo book template.

Step 2: select a template
Step 3: choose an output format and get your photo album printed

3. Creating the photo album

Printing photo books on your own, creating them as PDF files or directly placing them as desktop album

Many providers force you to use their own print shop. With AquaSoft PhotoAlbum however, you're free to print wherever you want. For professionals and creative people this freedom is a great alternative. Print at home, at the office, or go to a copy shop. Thanks to the commonly used PDF format, everyone is able to print your photo book.

The output of separate photo book pages is also possible. Or, you can send your new photo book as an EXE file via email. Whether you decide to send, archive, or later print it, AquaSoft PhotoAlbum creates your photo books exactly the way you need them.

Need an album for your computer? With the integrated Desktop-Album you can relive memories of your vacations. Not just a simple photo to photo transition, but photos that are professionally embedded into interesting environments.

PhotoAlbum 3 Features

Photo book applications

Print your photo book

  • Print your photo book as a whole or as separate pages yourself without restrictions or commitment to an external service provider
  • Complete photo books with chapters, cover and back page, etc.

Create sophisticated photo books in PDF format

  • Send your photo book to your friends

Export the pages of the photo book to any standard image format

  • Send the images to a photo processing service

Your photos as a desktop album

  • Alternating background images for your PC
  • As many photos on one background image as you like
  • Give the desktop album to friends or send it via email

Photo book as a personal archive

  • Photos selected, sorted, assembled. Keep your adventures alive as a photo book.
  • Beautiful photo albums can be created when pictures are applied to templates.
  • More than 100 templates, all customizable down to the smallest detail
  • Many new templates for special occasions: e.g. Birthday, Wedding, Vacation……
  • Templates can be created or edited by using the Template Editor (from simple to artistic master pieces, everything is possible)
  • Title pages, chapter overviews, thumbnails... all easily configured
  • Templates can be exported and distributed
BitmapFX system
  • The new BitmapFX system allows creative people to redesign all templates
  • Effects can easily be created and edited.
  • With just a few clicks sophisticated effects can be created
  • Separate effects can be applied immediately and be arbitrarily combined
  • Among many other possibilities, images can be pinned or glued to the background. New ideas are easily implemented.
  • Text can be rotated
  • Use collages to decorate your images or combine them in various ways.
  • Effects can be exported and distributed as well
  • Desktop background images alternate time-controlled or via mouse click
  • Create a complete desktop album as simple EXE file for distribution. You can find an example here.
Downloading new templates

Templates help customizing your photo album. But, why not re-use the ideas of others as well? From the AquaSoft Download Center you can download free templates at any time. Or contribute with your own templates and fill this Center "with life". Uploading your templates is really easy. AquaSoft PhotoAlbum provides functionality for easy export and import of templates.

How can I export templates for distribution?

You created an interesting template and would like to share it with other users you can register (for free) in our Download Center.

Click "File / Export template" in AquaSoft PhotoAlbum's Template Editor and enter a title. The created file is already compressed, so that it can be easily sent by email.

PhotoAlbum 3
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