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Quick Tip: How to add effects and filters to images

With Facebook and Instagram the competition is high for creating amazing photos to share. But with Slideshow 9 you can easily add effects and filters to images to create the perfect shot. Whether you want to show off the sunset, add life to your food photos, or just spice up some oldies...


Top 6 Photo worthy European destinations

Whether you normally book all inclusive vacations or go the budget travel route, these 6 photo worthy destinations will inspire your inner shutterbug.   Rome Italy Historical monuments and 5 star hotels live in harmony, in Rome. And around every street corner is a statue or fountain just waiting to...


Quick Tip: Create a dream like effect in SlideShow 8

In this quicktip, I’ll show you how to create a subtle blur effect, which adds an innocent dreamlike look to your images. It’s perfectly suited for a romantic slideshow or a nostalgic journey through time, maybe even into your childhood. This is how it works: Drag a Flexi-Collage object into...