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How to Save a Random Order

Here at AquaSoft Support, questions like these two pop up every now and then: How can I capture the order of pictures of intelligent templates and photo collages? How can I make my intelligent templates or my photo collages look the same every time I play them? We wanted to make creating...

Paint with light 0

Light Painting

The term “Photography“ derives from Greek and means “write with light.” Have you already literally tried to paint with light? Light painting: What do I need? Light painting photography looks cool and really isn’t that hard to do! All you need is some darkness, a camera with an adjustable shutter...

A watermark for your slideshow 0

Create a watermark to protect your images

A great thing about the internet is the fast and simple sharing of any photo you take. The sad thing is there are a lot of copycats, too. So how do you protect you photos or at least let everyone know that you are the photographer? You use a watermark....


Quick Tip: Create a dream like effect in SlideShow 8

In this quicktip, I’ll show you how to create a subtle blur effect, which adds an innocent dreamlike look to your images. It’s perfectly suited for a romantic slideshow or a nostalgic journey through time, maybe even into your childhood. This is how it works: Drag a Flexi-Collage object into...


Add some Wings to Your Photos

Want to show your little angel in a different way? This sample slideshow project shows how easy it is to combine graphical objects (picture of some wings) with your photos in order to create a stunning effect.


Game Over for Boring Text

I am sure many of you may have watched the popular Ford F150 ads that can be seen on TV, particularly during sports events. What’s interesting is that the most eye-catching effect of these videos is actually all about .. text!