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First steps with AquaSoft SlideShow

Add photos

With just a few clicks, you can create your first slideshow. Click the large plus (+) icon on the toolbar and select your images and videos. You can repeat this step at any time to add more images.

Alternatively, you can drag an image from the toolbox directly to the timeline.

You can move images in the timeline around by clicking on them with your mouse and dragging them to the desired space.

Hint: Use the storyboard, with its clear overview, if you want to sort your images.

Additional information about adding photos is available in the online manual under "Adding images".

Adding captions to images

Captions may be easily added to one or more images. Select the image in the timeline and click the "Text" tab in the "Object settings" window. Now, you are able to enter your image caption, change the font style and color, and select special effects and animation.

To position text, simply move it with the mouse within the layout designer.

Additional information about adding and formatting image captions is available in the manual under "Adding captions to images".

Adding sound

Click the music note icon (♪) to open the background music list. Next, click the plus (+) icon to select the desired music files. You can change the order of the list by using your mouse to drag and drop the files.

The order and length of the songs will be displayed as a wave along the bottom track of the timeline. Here, the songs can be rearranged, shortened, and overlapped, and you can adjust the volume by using the volume rubberband.

Note: Sounds are not background music. You can drag them from the toolbox directly to the timeline or assign them directly to an image. The are no limitations on the number of sounds that can be simultaniously played.

If you would like to learn more about background music in SlideShow 9, look under "Background music" in the online help.

Multiple tracks and animations

For all of you who want more from your slideshow, AquaSoft SlideShow provides versatile animation and design options. SlideShow offers an unlimited number of images and sound tracks. The tracks are not visible right away, but become available by adding chapters. Drag a chapter from the toolbox to the timeline and add images or other objects from the toolbox to the chapter. In its expanded state, you will see the field where you can create new tracks. Chapters can also be nested.

Additional information about using the chapter element can be found in the online help at "Working with multiple tracks".