AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Premium

Combine photos, videos, and music
to entertain your audience with exciting videos.

Imagine. Create. Share

With SlideShow 8 Premium you can quickly and inexpensively create an appealing photo/video show. Captivate your audience with exciting video shows that are unlike others, neither stale nor boring. In a hurry? Use the integrated SlideShow-Master, a guided Wizard that helps you every step of the way: select images and video clips, add background music, choose a pre-defined style template. DONE.

  • Map wizard with animated itineraries
  • Hundreds of fade-ins/fade-outs, effects, and animations
  • Facial recognition and intelligent cropping
  • Zoom, camera movements, and image animations
  • Output: DVD, HD Quality, direct to social media
AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Premium

This program worked flawlessly, plain and simple. I searched the internet for over a week trying to find a slideshow software that was everything I was looking for. So very glad I found this one as it was set up in such a way that I was able to figure it all out in a fairly short amount of time and that's saying a lot because my techy skills are extremely limited!

Jakub G.on

Key Features in SlideShow 8 Premium

Map Wizard and travel routes

Over 30 route types with moving arrows, roads, tire tracks, tracks and decorative elements.

Many effects and animations

Choose from over 130 transition effects, 50+ image effects, and 100+ text effects.

Combine images, text, videos

Create a project using images, text, videos, and music; combine as many elements as you want.

Image editing

Adjust the hue/brightness, crop, and rotate your images. You can do all of your image editing right within SlideShow.

Camera Pans and Zoom

Zoom, camera movements, and image animations, instant slideshows with automatic crossfades & camera pans.

Non-destructive effects

Works non-destructive, which means any effects applied to your videos and images will not alter the original files.

Ken Burns effect

Automatically move your camera lens across images.

Various export options

Create and burn DVDs, Bluray, HD quality videos, animated GIFs, and much more.

Multiple tracks

Keep everything organized; multiple tasks at once.

Facial recognition

With facial recognition and intelligent cropping, important people are never cut out of the photo.

Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage is as easy as adding your photos, selecting the border width, and enjoying.

Particle effect

With the particle effect you can make show fall on your ski photos or make it rain in the background.