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Tell your story

Your photo story – tell it your way

Holidays, family, birthdays, weddings and more … every day you create memories with your camera. With AquaSoft SlideShow, these moments will become your story – evocatively told and never forgotten.

Your travels – always remembered

Traveling is experiencing, and there are photos – lots of photos! No problem for AquaSoft SlideShow, which handles even large shows with thousands of photos.
Where did you travel? Use the integrated maps and the animated routes to show where you have been and how you got there.

Inspire everybody

You are finished creating a great show with your adventures and now you want to show it to your audience?
AquaSoft SlideShow has all the export options you'll ever need. Burn your show to DVD, an AVCHD disc or a Blu-ray disc or copy it as an HD-video to an external storage drive, media player, video console, or other device. Play it directly from your Notebook or PC, or upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo? Don't worry. You decide what you need – AquaSoft SlideShow delivers.

Compare the AquaSoft SlideShow editions Test AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Ultimate for free for 30 days

Thank you. I am perfectly happy and have already produced many shows. My friends are all thrilled!!!
Friedrich Wenisch via Facebook

Regardless whether you buy our software on CD or as a download, you will get life-long access to our customer area. There, you will always be able to download the current version of your program.

Image quality

We love images, and image quality is everything. AquaSoft SlideShow keeps each pixel of your photo. Finally, you can use your photo's high resolution. Camera pans show even the tiniest detail, and huge panorama photos glide smoothly along.
Fades are pixel perfect. Output in HD or above? Easy!

Animations – endless possibilities

With AquaSoft SlideShow your pictures will learn to move. Let your photos glide gently along or zoom into each detail with camera pans and Ken Burns effects. Float pictures, text, or videos along movement paths and combine multiple animations and images using the timeline. This lets you create living photo collages and stunning sceneries.


AquaSoft SlideShow will always help you to realize your own ideas. But why create everything by yourself? Templates for a plethora of elements help you to create professional-looking results. Complete intros, photo effects, animations, backgrounds, or entire slide shows.

With templates, you are able to easily create great looking shows in no time.

Fade ins and fade outs

Fade your pictures in and out with great effects. AquaSoft SlideShow offers fade ins and a full range of animated fade outs.

A multitude of different transitions will satisfy everybody. Whether you want unobtrusive and professional or dramatic in 3D, each fading can be precisely configured and offers hundreds of variations. You will definitely find one to match your needs.

Compare the AquaSoft SlideShow editions Test AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Ultimate for free for 30 days

The support I have been receiving from you is second to none. Other Companies should follow your example. Thank you.
George P. via e-mail

Satisfaction guaranteed: All software products from AquaSoft can be returned within 30 days after purchase.

Hierarchical timeline and animations

More than 10 years ago we invented the hierarchical timeline that allowed you to group animations spanning multiple tracks.

Hierarchical animations go a step further: Individually animated child objects will be synced with the parent object's animation. This is possible with the use of the new Flexi-Collage, which "glues" your animations together.

Animations, fadings, collages, effects and more

Source material and effects

Photos, text, videos, and sounds – those are the elements that define your show. Combine them with AquaSoft SlideShow's animations, fadings, collages, and all the other effects to create something truly mesmerizing.

You will be amazed.

Dynamic effects

How to creative living movies out of static photos? With dynamic effects, you can manipulate all elements of your show. Combine image sections with animated masks. Deform, twist, and dent with displacement effects, or make your photos more dynamic with animated blurs.

These effects also work with your videos.

Image editing

Your photos are great, but a little clipping to focus on the important parts is often useful. Perhaps you would like a bit more contrast and brightness. With the integrated nondestructive image editor of AquaSoft SlideShow, you can easily make these and other improvements to your pictures. All changes can be reversed, and your original photos will never be overwritten.

Music and pictures – synchronized beat for beat

Music is an important part when creating impressive shows. AquaSoft SlideShow offers new tools for synchronizing transitions to the beat of your music. With your own feeling for the music you can easily record the beats in the timeline and position your photos accordingly, which is much better than any full automatism. The zoomable wave form of your sounds will help you visually, and with the flexible sound volume ribbon, you can modify the volume at any position in your sounds to your needs. Additionally, AquaSoft SlideShow can fade your music automatically for spoken comments or videos.

Compare the AquaSoft SlideShow editions Test AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Ultimate for free for 30 days

AquaSoft is cool. Very fast answers to questions from my emails and really good and competent answers at that!
Reinhard Czerny via Facebook

Even before digital cameras became the norm, AquaSoft was already developing slideshow software – since 1999, to be exact. Trust our experience from more than 14 years of slideshow software development.

Intelligent slide shows

Intelligent clipping of your photos, automatic camera pans to focus the faces within your pictures, intelligent sorting, templates, and an intelligent player are all part of this amazing program.

Of course, you are much more intelligent than any slideshow software – but it's still nice to have a program that pays attention. Your photos won't be clipped through the faces, pictures can be sorted by the date they were recorded, and templates will accommodate to your photos, not the other way around.

Performance with IntelliLoad3

You've probably noticed that your huge digital photos can be quite taxing on your computer. Of course, loading and changing 18 million or more pixels needs a lot of power. AquaSoft SlideShow knows this and is well prepared. Large photos are loaded in the background and won't interfere while you work with your slideshow. The software makes use of multi-processor systems and uses the power of your graphic card for its output. This also speeds up the creation of videos from your shows.

Live presentations

AquaSoft SlideShow can play shows in real time. This means you can show your presentation directly from the software with a monitor or plugged in projector. Showing your pictures in full HD or above with perfectly smooth animations is no problem. There is no need to first export your presentation as a video. You can also control the presentation's flow manually (even backwards) and decide whether the sound should play during pauses or not.

Preserving, backing up, and archiving

You are able to export a project without any limitations so that you will be able to edit it again. All necessary information and files, from your photos and videos to your background music and the fonts used for your text, will be archived.

If you were excited about DVD quality 10 years ago, you can now burn your once archived shows to Blu-ray discs sharp, impressive HD videos – the quality of your original photos is still good enough. When 4k resolution become the standard in future, you can do the same again.

With AquaSoft SlideShow 8, you can still open and edit projects you created years ago.

Compare the AquaSoft SlideShow editions Test AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Ultimate for free for 30 days

Thank you again! Your help via phone was great and fast. You are awesome.
Nancy Büttner via Facebook

I like AquaSoft!
Reiner Klein via Facebook

AquaSoft – reliability and innovation since 1999

No service? Free support for only a year? We don't have any of these limitations. Drop us an e-mail, look at the manual and FAQ, or study our free tutorials. Post your comments in our forums, on twitter or via Facebook. Once bought, you can download your software anytime you need. And you can be sure that we will answer your e-mails, even if it's been years since you bought the software.

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Softonic: "Excellent. Professional slideshows easy created."

System requirements of AquaSoft SlideShow 8

  • CPU - 2 GHz, (multi-core CPUs recommended)
  • Graphics card - DirectX 9.0c, at least 128MB memory
  • System memory (RAM) - 2 GB
  • CD/DVD/BD-Writer - (optional)
  • Supported operating system - Windows XP, Windos Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 - 32bit and 64bit systems are supported
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