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Imagine. Create. Upload to YouTube. ENJOY.

Unleash your creativity and build stunning slide shows, in just minutes! Captivate your audience with exciting video shows that are unlike others, neither stale nor boring. The integrated YouTube Wizard encodes and uploads your shows in a snap, all with just a few mouse clicks. Best of all: it's totally FREE!

Three Easy Steps.

In a hurry? Use the integrated SlideShow-Master, a guided Wizard that helps you every step of the way: select images and video clips, add background music, choose a pre-defined style template. DONE.

AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube will then encode and automatically upload your creation to your YouTube account.

You can save your slide show projects and later adjust and fine-tune them. Need some creative ideas? Click on the Samples Videos tab and see what you can do!

Edit like a Pro

Timeline, Storyboard and Imagelist views - AquaSoft SlideShow can handle an unlimited number of video and audio tracks. The intuitive Timeline view shows you everything you've got inside your project. You can group items in chapters and use the Storyboard visualization to keep your overview. Need to see the settings for each image? Switch to the Imagelist and see every detail.

Effects and Animations - Choose between 130+ transition effects, 50+ image effects, and 100+ text effects to create your very own masterpiece! Incorporate breathtaking camera pans, zooms, move your camera lens across images, and much more. AquaSoft SlideShow works non-destructively, which means any effects applied to your videos and images are only stored within your slide show project and will not alter the original files.

Zeigen Sie Ihre DiaShow

AquaSoft SlideShow 7 for YouTube

Be Your Own Director
Even the most beautiful pictures can be enhanced if you add animation and a few special effects to it. AquaSoft SlideShow 7’s large array of tools and effects make it very easy to create the illusion of movement. Zoom into the picture, then pan across to enjoy a panoramic view. After that, set it in motion along a predefined or customized movement path and create that stunning cinematic animation!
Present Images and Video Clips in a Single Slide Show
Most modern cameras can take both stills and videos, and AquaSoft SlideShow is the essential tool that takes your creativity to the next level. Combine video clips with images, cross-fade them, arrange and then re-arrange them to emphasize emotions captured during the event you photographed. Your imagination is the only limit!
Non-destructive Editing: Use Any Images Without Altering Them
Within AquaSoft SlideShow, it's safe to apply changes such as crop, color, sizing, etc. All modifications that you make are applied on-the-fly when the slide show runs, and never actually change your valuable image and video files.
No Speed Limit — with Hardware Acceleration!
Take a peek under the “hood” of AquaSoft SlideShow and you will find ingenious software parts that integrate seamlessly with DirectX, the Windows standard for hardware accelerated playback. This speed boost helps otherwise sluggish high resolution shows to turn into vibrant, breathtaking action thrillers! If your computer has multiple cores, the CPU work load will be balanced, playing your slide show even smoother than ever.
Create Shows in Widescreen (16:9) and HD
Your ideal show can now fit into a widescreen format when designing it. There are even special effects available that work especially well with this format: image cropping, masks, collages, camera pans, and panoramic views, for instance. When you register your free copy of AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube, you can even upload videos in HD (720p).
Narrate Your Own Images
If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, think of all the stories your photos could tell. A paper-based album will always remain silent, but when you narrate and animate them with a few special effects, they start to really come alive! Express the thoughts and feelings you were experiencing when you first clicked your camera and create lasting memories. AquaSoft SlideShow allows you to simply to pick up a microphone and add your very own voice memos for every single image.
The Sky is the Limit
Manipulate videos just as easily as you would pictures, by moving them around and organizing them within the timeline. There is no limit to the number of photos and video clips you can insert. You are not limited to just one picture at a time either - put them in collages, animate them, and combine them to create great visual effects!
Annotations Don't Have to be Boring
Pictures can speak volumes, but words have their place, too. Texts and captions enhance your show if they come flying into the picture, if the characters do a round dance through the show, or accompany the picture message with a multitude of awesome effects assigned.
Apply Effects with a Simple Drag and Drop
Bitmap effects enrich your photos, and make images blend a bit nicer together, lending a sense of unity to them even when gathered from multiple sources. Use the included effects just as they are, edit these effects, or even create your own (requires Ultimate edition)! A few of the most popular image effects are mirror, shadow, and tinting (changing regular photos to sepia or to black and white, for instance).

AquaSoft DiaShow 7 - Key Features

HD Video:
Upload your videos either in standard definition or HD (720p).

Timeline and Storyboard views:
Everything you want to include in your presentation needs its own location on the all-important timeline. First, indicate where along the timeline you want objects (text, images, videos, etc.) to appear, and specify their duration as well. Put several time tracks side by side so that they play back simultaneously.

Bring your images and text to life. Whether to zoom in or out, into an image or a video, you can control what item gets “zoomed”, and when, where, and how the zoom unfolds.

Camera pans:
Pan movement allows you to wander across any image, from right to left, from left to right, up, down, across, and then back and forth again. The possiblities are endless! Simply select the sections of the image where you wish to feature pan movement, and determine the order in which you want to pan to those sections-- it's easy, and no movement is impossible in AquaSoft SlideShow.

Movement paths:
With your controls, you place points that, when connected, become movement paths. Appearing to be invisibly guided, your images will move along these paths in a time-controlled fashion.

Pans and rotation:
Images, text, collages, and particle objects can travel along any movement path. Additionally, a rotation angle can be placed at any point along the movement path. Objects will appear to flow gently and softly, or boldly and dramatically, whatever you prefer.

Although there are more than 130 impressive transitions included, these are just stock options that can be edited by changing the detailed space and time-settings. In this manner, you can create millions of different transitions just by editing the ones included with AquaSoft SlideShow.

Image effects:
Many included bitmap effects (shadows, mirroring, frames, masks, decorations, etc.) can be applied to your images simply by using drag-and-drop. By using the Bitmap Effect Editor you can even edit these effects or create new ones yourself.

Any number of pictures:
Where other programs limit the number of pictures that can be used, AquaSoft SlideShow raises the bar in this department because there is no limit to the number of pictures you can insert. And, by using chapters, you can easily organize shows regardless of the number of pictures.

Alpha channel Support:
Alpha channels (transparency information) are fully supported by AquaSoft SlideShow (PNG-images). Pictures gently disappear and re-appear, or blend with overlay images. Create impressive effects, such as collages with irregular edges, or transparencies.

Non-destructive image editing:
The integrated image editor in AquaSoft SlideShow is non-destructive, because your original picture remains untouched and unchanged. Any edits—crops, special effects, etc—are saved in your presentation and applied “on the fly” during playback. This way you can edit and enhance pictures and reuse them in different places, all without altering your original.

Image formats:
JPG, JPEG-2000, PNG, Tiff, and more than fifty other known image formats are supported, giving you greater flexibility within your creating environment.

EXIF and Iptc  Metadata:
Exif and Iptc metadata tags are the additional technical details that are stored along with a photograph. AquaSoft SlideShow allows access to these tags, they can be used to sort your images by exposure date, for example. You can also display Exif and Iptc data together with the image during a slide show.

Music and voice tracks can be played back on several tracks all at once. Now, creating a cacophony of noise, or a delightful harmony, is only a matter of selecting the voices or music to add to the tracks.

Background music:
Due to the multi-track timeline, a background music selection can be applied to the whole slideshow, independent of separate sounds and/or captions applied to images. You can specify volume, duration, fade in and fade out, or transitions for each sound piece.

Collages can easily be created by bundling separate pictures into groups. AquaSoft SlideShow easily handles complex collages from images to texts, which can also be animated.

If you have a large number of images, being able to sort and organize them into chapters is a helpful feature. Chapters themselves can have multiple tracks, and each track may contain any number of images or other objects, which can be in any (user-defined) distance from each other.

Text effects:
How many effects do you need? More than 100 text effects, including animated, transparent and flowing effects, diversify the text flow and make it interesting. While these are just the stock effects, each effect can be edited to your liking, resulting in a virtually endless selection.

Do you want to create an attractive slideshow without much effort? Then you should use the SlideShow-Master. It creates a sophisticated slideshow in three easy steps. Select pictures -> Select music -> Select style. Of course, slideshows created by SlideShow-Master can be edited and adjusted according to your individual preferences.

Using the plug-in mechanism, AquaSoft SlideShow’s usefulness can be extended even further. Websites, photo calendars and albums, screen savers and automatic batch processing, as well as SlideShow-Manager all function as plug-ins.

Sample Videos created with AquaSoft SlideShow

(some videos are  partially narrated in German)

Soccer WordCup Show
Photo Stack
Triple Panorama
Mirror Effects
Text Effects
Animated Map
Color Transitions
Wind Mill Animation


(some videos are partially narrated in German)

Adding Pictures
Adding Background Music
YouTube Video Upload
Camera Panning
Panorama Effect
Ken Burns Effect

AquaSoft SlideShow in the News...

August 2010
„A whole arsenal of tools to create slide shows comes from AquaSoft […] Its various creative options to bring pictures alive are outstanding…“

June 2010
"Its a picture super show. The new release of this presentation software features extended functionalities... Fractional text segments can now be animated along a wave form."

June 2010
"AquaSoft SlideShow 7.5 gets a new and improved Timeline. [...] The program now even finds pictures that have been accidentally moved by a user..."

February 2010
"Bottom line: SlideShow 7 Ultimate creates some magic for photo enthusiasts, with appealing slide show effects. The integrated Wizards are helpful."

January 2010
"Bottom line: A tool for creative photo artists. Many improvements and easier to use than the previous version."

January 2010
"Bottom line: AquaSoft SlideShow 7 Ultimate is currently the best solution on the market, if you are in interested in creating slide shows."

January 2010
"AquaSofts SlideShow is the most dominant slide show software in Germany, for several years."
Download full version
Version: 9.6.03 (140MB)


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista, 7 und 8 (32 and 64 Bit)

Processor: 2GHz (supports multi-core), RAM: 2GB

Graphiccard: DirectX 9c (must support shader model 2) with 256MB RAM